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Eight stand-alone Contemporary Western Romance novellas from Bestselling and Award Winning Authors.


From firefighters, bronco busters, and wealthy ranchers to bad boys, we have them all for you!  If you've ever wanted to fall in love with a sexy, alpha cowboy of's your chance.

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"Beyond the Old Green Door"

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is where Urban Fantasy, Steam Punk Erotica, meets, re-incarnation with a twist of magic and those sexy little bits everyone loves.

Can the impossible really become possible?

Sherry's world falls to pieces when the honeymoon she had planned in Rio with her fiancee turns to a tragedy with his death in a plane crash. Can a twist of fate, a wrong turn and a touch of magic find the love and passion she thought she had lost in the arms of another? Or will her love once again be torn apart? 

Can a wish really turn back time?

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In all eBook formats from iHeart Publishing, Kindle, all Amazon stores. smashwords, Kobo, Barns&Noble.  eBook and Print

Reviewed by: Dena, Fallen Angel Reviews 5 out of 5 Angels
Julie A. D’Arcy,
Dragon and the Rose
The Dragon and the Rose deftly and poignantly weaves romance, ardor, treachery, and anguish into a saga of soul mates separated by a painful secret. Meggahn refuses to forgive Garrik for his secrets. Will she forfeit love for bitterness or will she give Garrik a second chance?



In all eBook formats from iHeart Publishing, Kindle, all Amazon stores. smashwords, Kobo, Barns&Noble.  eBook and Print


Spellbound is an amazing book, Fantasy, Magic, and Suspense its best.

Spellbound by Julie A. Darcy
"A coven of twelve witches and a woman with the blue-black hair of a raven’s wing and bright blue-green eyes, congregate around a large iron black cauldron"

That is how Spellbound starts. And as good as that line is, it just gets better from there. Isabella is a modern woman determined to make a better life for herself than the one she finds herself in as the fiancé of a rich, powerful Russian Mafia boss.
I don't want to give away any spoilers but I can say, she makes her escape and the adventure begins.
Julie A. D’Arcy creates compelling, realistic characters. This enchanting story seized me to read it in one sitting. It's that good.

In all eBook formats from iHeart Publishing, Kindle, all Amazon stores. smashwords, Kobo, Barns&Noble.  eBook and Print Version-Previously published as Night's Eternal Promise.

Lord Vincent D’Armano, a young nobleman, on leaving his mistress’s house in London one rainy cold night in the 1700’s is set upon by a sensual cunning, vampiress, Epatha, who is searching for a mate.

Many years later, after travelling to America and killing a war chief’s son, Vincent is cursed by a Cheyenne Shaman and has the ability to feel emotion restored. He escapes Epatha’s deadly embrace, although she still tracks him, and re emerges into society decades later only to meet with the very woman that could destroy him, in more ways than one.

Detective Alara Gale hates Vampires after her childhood boyfriend is murdered and she sees a black cloaked figure fleeing the scene.

So when she discovers the dark stranger she is already more than half in love with is no other than the Vampire she is hunting, her loyalties are torn between her desire for Vincent’s touch and her duty to the law.

Lust, Romance, Magic and Murder combine to make Night’s Eternal Promise fast-paced, mission-oriented and filled with life and death issues. Vincent and Alara after battling Epatha in the present are cast back in time by an unusual hypnotist and an arrest gone wrong, and faced with a struggle to stop the Vampiress from making Vincent a vampire, and to save his mortal soul. 

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Whisper of Yesterday 

By Julie A. D'Arcy

 Re-released novel is back

It is always hard for an author to find a creative way to involve a ghost, with the limitations of a spirit's body, in the tantalizing, heated love scenes of a romance. Julie A. Darcy's method is smooth, superb, and original. I found myself so attached to the intriguing, fully fleshed out characters of Alyssa and Aidan that I know they will haunt me for some time to come. 

Review from Reviewer Cornelia Amiri-

---What follows is an interwoven tale of chilling betrayal and a haunting love story that traverses three centuries... 

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4 Flames

This is the story of, Ace, a young Australian football player,  from a small town in Queensland who flees his questioning relatives to holiday in Thailand. There he rescues Matt a young sophisticated man from Sydney, who in turn rescues him and helps him accept who he is. 

A story of discovery. With a few twists and turns thrown in.

A gay love story.