Author Julie A. D'Arcy


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Elven Magick

This book can stand alone or be read as the second book to --The Dragon and the Rose

Twenty-one years since the Dragon King defeated the Dark Priest Narokah and condemned him to the Fiery Abyss.

The legendary Sword of Niraz has been stolen!

The elf, Vellandril Ballindoch, sets forth on a quest to find the sword.  Along the way he must confront his painful past including the woman he betrayed, but still loves, and the son he never knew existed.

Her duty to the king!

After forsaking her past and gaining the title of First Knight to the Dragon King, Johden de Danann is forced to undertake the quest with a man she swore never to forgive, but never stopped loving.

Treachery, betrayal, adventure and action, a magickal world of elves and romance combine to bring forth the exciting conclusion to a tale that began with The Dragon and the Rose and finishes with happily ever after—for some.


Clouds fashioned a misty veil around the branches of the Machoann trees, embracing the Elven village of Tarlis-Leah. A lone figure, hooded and robed in gray, to blend with moonlight and shadow, stole across the darkened bedchamber.

Guided by a stunted candle, flickering fitfully on a small bedside table, the thief knelt at the end of the bed, pulled a golden key from her pocket, and fitted it to a lock attached to a carved wooden chest.

The lock clicked ominously into the silence.

The thief tensed and a bead of perspiration trickled down her back.

The occupant of the bed slept on. The sleeping draught she had administered earlier had achieved its desired result.

She lifted the trunk’s heavy lid and again the silence broke.

The thief stilled.

Vellandril Ballindoch groaned, rolled over and mumbled several words, then settled. A sigh slipped between the thief’s lips, and she stroked the handle of the small poniard at her waist. She would not be thwarted in this plan. Revenge was such a sweet word. She could taste it on her lips.

Wrapped in a soft red cloth, buried deep among Vellandril’s clothes, she found that which she sought. Her hands trembled as she claimed her prize. The Sword of Niraz felt light, not at all what she expected from such a large weapon.

Now the elf would pay for all the suffering and lost summers, all the pain and humiliation. Gently, she closed the trunk and crept toward the window where an Elven rope, soft, thin and durable, dangled from a nearby branch. Rewrapping the sword deftly in a dark cloth, she strapped it to her back, stepped into a loop formed in the fine but tough Elven rope, and descended into the darkness of the forest.


Title: Elven Magick

Author: Julie A. D’Arcy

Genre: Fantasy
Related Books: The Dragon and the Rose

Reviewed by Romance at Heart Magazine

Reviewer: Linda 

Elven Magick is a very impressive read. Once again this reader was captivated by the scenery and the characters that detailed this lovely fantasy. I could almost feel the sensation flowing through Vellandril when he hears that Johden was not married. And the meeting of the two after all the passing years was so real, so genuine, it just smoldered in the pages. I loved the character of Johden, strong, feisty and determined to stand on her own, yet a softer side to her whenever she is around Vellandril that just oozes through her pores. Not to mention Vellandril when he is near Johden, the chemistry between the two is remarkably written and the dialogue, magnificent. Gabriene and Morganna had their own fiery heat that sprinkled in the storyline. All the characters were so remarkable that it is hard expressing them in one word, but this reader could feel their emotions strongly.

Julie D'Arcy crafts another brilliant tale that engages immediately from the first page. With her in-depth characters, wonderful intrigue, and detailed description of a breathtaking area, this is one story that should not be missed. If you haven't read the first of the series, The Dragon and the Rose, it would be best to read it first, then spring right into Elven Magick. Just get a comfortable chair, sit back and get ready for a fascinating venture that will not be forgotten. She blends in excellent conversation, and a storyline that keeps the story moving along, creating a tale that practically comes to life with every flip of the page. From the lovely castles, the intense fighting and the damsels often in need of help, she pens a charming book that is a timeless piece of art. I like the way she makes her heroine's strong, yet tender, and her hero's ready to do anything for the one woman they love.

 This is one explosive read that shouldn't be missed. Why not pick your copy of Elven Magick up today. An exciting fun-filled adventure waits in this dynamite read! I love her work! And the covers are spectacular.

Sincerely good reading,