Author Julie A. D'Arcy


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The Cross of Tarlis

 -Heroic Fantasy/ Romance

One woman is named in an ancient Elisian prophecy. She is Tannith, Princess of Ellenroh, descendant of Dragonbane, King of the old code. Only by her hand can the pieces of the legendary Cross of Tarlis be assembled, and with its use in raising their God Magus can freedom be restored to their realm.

But someone else also desires the famed talisman.

Sernon of Asomos believes that with the right ritual he can use the Cross to open portals to other worlds that will lead him to treasure and unbelievable power.

In a perilous land, facing an uncertain future, Tannith pins her hopes on two men: Kaden of the Wolfhead, bastard son of a cursed king, haunted by his failure to save his family, and stop his older brother from being transformed into an Ice Tiger; and Etanandril Jarrisendel, Captain of the Elisian Elite, Tannith’s childhood friend, and the man who loves her.

One will become a king. The other will face his fears and become a hero.

Both will become legends.

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Excerpt 1

Kaden would have none of it. He lowered his head until his mouth hovered just above her lips. He felt them trembling beneath his, yet still she did not move away. Who was this fey beautiful creature? She was Elisian; he knew that much. A race long ago melded by the blood of Man and Elves. The delicate points of her ears peeked out beneath masses of white gold hair―hair that was infused with jasmine and rose petals. Her eyes were the deep violet of an ocean on a storm-tossed day. She reminded him of the sunshine and laughter that was in his life―when his family was alive, before the horror of war and death. If he could lay with this woman, this witch of beauty, perhaps she might take away his cares, perhaps he might feel whole again.

A fistful of leaves drifted down from the tree and touched his shoulder—such a simple act of nature but enough to remind him of whom he was, and why he was here. He released the woman and stepped away.

Still she did not move but continued to watch him.

He took a few paces to her companion and dropped to his knees. Unwrapping the bandage, he studied the wound. “You have done well,” he commended, rewrapping it. “The poultice will help with the healing, but his arm will be useless for at least another sennight.”

“Fourteen days.” She frowned. “You are a healer then?”

“No, but I have fought enough battles to know what to look for.”

“Thank you for the advice,” she said, turning away.

Behind her sat the white tiger. He was even larger up close. She turned to flee, but Kaden’s hand closed over her arm.

She struggled and pushed his hand away. “I demand you release me!”

“Not yet.” He touched his lips to her ear. “The beast will not harm you while you are with me, but he will tear you to pieces if you run.” He pulled her up close to his body. She was firm but soft in all the right places. Again he thought about kissing her, but Erik pushed between them and dropped onto his foot. With a ragged breath, he released her and crouched beside his brother. “What is it?” he whispered, leaning low in pretense of removing a burr.

“Stop dallying with that wench. She could be a spy.” , , ,

Excerpt 2

Tannith watched him step closer and her eyes widened.

She thought she did well leaving the camp without waking him, but she should have known. The warrior never slept with more than one eye closed at a time. She wanted him to see her and made no move to cover herself. She wanted his hands on her flesh, touching her, bringing her to life. His gaze was like a firebrand, searing her soul, marking her, his. Some nights she dreamt of him with such intensity she had awoke hot and trembling.

Would he join her in the stream and make her his? She watched him warily, unmoving. Or would he scold and order her to return to camp? The feelings he evoked; the fire, the ice, the shivers of pure pleasure that racked her body and tortured her soul were worth a risk.

Taking her courage in both hands, she waded a step closer. “Are you going to stand with your mouth gaping all night, warrior? Or will you join me in the pool?”

“You should not be out here alone. It could be dangerous.”

“Anywhere could be dangerous with you,” she assured, pushing a handful of silvery tresses back over her shoulder, giving him better access to her body. “I thought the risk would be worth the reward.”

The emerald of his eyes blazed in the moonlight. “We discussed this.”

“You discussed it. I listened. Now it is my turn to talk.”

His brow rose. “I see.” His gaze never left her face. “If that is what you wish.” He drew his remaining knife from his boot, lowered his sword to the ground, and pulled his knee-high boots from his feet, tossing them across to join his weapons. Next, came his brown leather jerkin. The fastenings to his loose-fitting hill tribe breeches held no hindrance to his nimble fingers as he unlaced them and let them slide down over his well-muscled thighs to be kicked aside.

Tannith’s breath caught, choking off her words, for what words could describe the sheer magnificence of his body—its masculine planes etched silver and gold in the moonlight. Like a bronze God of ancient times—sublime in his nakedness, hard, strong and unyielding.

She knew what she was about to do would change the course of her life. It was something that would go against every code of her upbringing, every law. She would be joining with a man from another race—an inferior being, according to her people.

It was a love such as this that caused the dilution of the Elven blood and the beginning of the Elisian Race. Did she truly love this man enough to put behind her all of her teachings and the elite bloodline her people now strived for?

He looked so vulnerable standing, awaiting her decision. Even now he had stopped, was watching her, giving her a choice. In that moment all doubts melted to insignificance. She knew she would give up her last breath to lay with this man.

Their eyes met. “Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked.

“I want you that is all that is clear to me.”

“Then by the gods, woman, you shall have me.” Kaden stepped to the edge of the pond and dove into the water to disappear into its crystal darkness. Then as suddenly as he disappeared, he reappeared. His large hands spanning her waist to draw her toward him with slow assurance.

She ran her open mouth over his chest, the base of his throat, and across his shoulder. A groan sounded from deep in his throat. Emboldened by her new found power, she encircled his neck, drew his lips down to hers and took his mouth. His tongue filled her, seeking, finding, drawing forth a response from her, so complete, so thoroughly dazzling, she thought her knees would melt and blend with the water.

Then she was falling. Kaden must have felt it too, for he clasped her waist and lifted her, to slide her up the hard planes of his body. With one swift movement he pulled her thighs around his waist. Tannith felt his hard length pressed against her. It felt so good, right, as if it belonged. Pulling away, she trailed her hand down between their bodies, encircled him, felt his heat.

In a sudden burst of strength he thrust her to arm’s length and flicked his hair from his eyes. “What are you doing?” He reached out to steady her. “Do you want this to be over before it starts?”

Tannith slanted her head to the side and peered up at him. “Did I hurt you?”

“No…of course you didn’t hurt me.” He took a deep breath as her hands crept up his chest again. “As much as I love your touch, too much of that sort of thing can hasten a man along. It has been long since I had a woman." . . .